Three Sewing Videos For Your First Quilts

Learn New tricks with Circular Sewing Attachments

Creating something new and unique that is easy, is such fun. See the pattern in the video for the concentric circles, with machine embroidery in the middle. Use on clothes, or however you see fit.

Sew Easy lesson: Interfacing Applique

How to get outer edge of your cicle nice and smooth. Trace around it (cut out with scissors), leave the bumpy/glue side toward the fabric.
Then sew it all the around, then trip quarter inch all they around the circle, cut slit in the fold, then turn inside out. Then use an “applique pressing sheet”, then press with an iron. Then you can do perfect stitching around your perfect circle.

The Backroom Quilter – Gayle Ropp

She has a product call “Spool Swing”. This allows you to position your needle with this little tool, without having to stick your finger.