9 Important Things to Know About PCOS

When my sister was hit with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), I decided to learn more and wrote this article. I was amazed at what I found doing the research. There are many misconceptions where PCOS is concerned. Many people make mistaken assumptions, and it can be hard to separate fiction and fact. To that end, here are several need-to-know facts about the condition.

It May Start in the Brain Rather Than the Ovaries

Science is just beginning to understand this connection. According to research out of Australia, rats and mice without androgen receptors in their brains will not develop the condition. However, those with receptors in the ovaries could still get it. This research can help scientists develop treatment options and potential cures.

It’s Hard (But Not Impossible) to Lose Weight

This is one of the most frustrating and difficult symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome. Many women know they need to lose weight to improve their symptoms, but most doctors don’t tell them how to do it. Traditional methods are largely ineffective with the condition, as they fail to address underlying hormonal disorders. However, if a patient can get her symptoms and her hormones under control, she can lose weight successfully.

It Doesn’t Go Away With Menopause

Many believe the condition goes away when menopause starts, but that’s another mistaken assumption. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome undergo fundamental pancreatic changes that lead to insulin processing issues, and the problem doesn’t stop with menopause. However, some symptoms, such as post-menopausal weight gain, do improve.

It Can Make Patients Feel Tired

This condition is linked to chronic inflammation, which can leave patients feeling sluggish, fatigued, achy, and tired. Patients can take steps to fight it, though, such as taking omega-3 supplements and following a proper diet.

The Condition Causes Cravings, Which Can be Beaten

Many women with this condition report having intense cravings for certain foods, which can quickly derail even the best diet. However, cravings can be effectively managed as patients address insulin and hormone problems.

Natural Pregnancy is Possible

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the main causes of female infertility, but it is possible to get pregnant through natural means. If a patient can get her hormones under control, she’s more likely to have a regular ovulation cycle, which makes it easier to conceive naturally.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Causes Secondary Health Issues

When most women think of this condition, they think of its short-term effects. However, it’s also important to think in the long term. Various secondary health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol are all linked with this condition, and that’s why it’s important to get it under control quickly.

A Hysterectomy Won’t Solve the Problem

When a patient thinks of the condition, they may think of it as a problem to be addressed by a gynecologist. After all, it causes problems with the ovaries and the menstrual cycle. The condition is multifaceted, though, and it affects the pancreas, the adrenal glands, and the brain. Therefore, a hysterectomy will not alleviate the symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

It Can’t Be Cured, Only Managed

As of now, there’s no cure for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Therefore, patients need to learn proper management and mitigation techniques. Women can lessen the symptoms by eating right, taking doctor-recommended supplements and making other lifestyle changes.


Women with this condition have choices to make. They can choose to ignore the symptoms and their effects, or they can acknowledge the condition for everything it is and decide not to let it define who they are. By making daily decisions to manage the condition, patients can live a fulfilling life without letting polycystic ovarian syndrome get in the way. If a reader believes they may have this condition, they should consult a physician as soon as possible.

By the way, my sister got PCOS treatment in DFW mid-cities, and she is doing fine now.

Three Sewing Videos For Your First Quilts

Learn New tricks with Circular Sewing Attachments

Creating something new and unique that is easy, is such fun. See the pattern in the video for the concentric circles, with machine embroidery in the middle. Use on clothes, or however you see fit.

Sew Easy lesson: Interfacing Applique

How to get outer edge of your cicle nice and smooth. Trace around it (cut out with scissors), leave the bumpy/glue side toward the fabric.
Then sew it all the around, then trip quarter inch all they around the circle, cut slit in the fold, then turn inside out. Then use an “applique pressing sheet”, then press with an iron. Then you can do perfect stitching around your perfect circle.

The Backroom Quilter – Gayle Ropp

She has a product call “Spool Swing”. This allows you to position your needle with this little tool, without having to stick your finger.

What To Consider When Starting A New Hobby

There are many hobbies today that people find interesting to do in their spare time, but unfortunately there are just plenty who have no idea what ideas to pursue. If you are confused about what might be a good hobby, don’t worry because the following article has many great tips. Read on for great ideas about hobbies.

To help you stay stress-free take up a hobby. Hobbies offer you a way to escape the daily grind and enjoy yourself. If you don’t have a hobby, consider what you enjoy doing. Do you enjoy art? If so, take a painting class or a sculpting class to learn a new hobby.

When you are deciding on a hobby, there are some basic things you should think about first. The cost of the supplies or equipment, the space needed, and how much time you will need to spend are all factors to consider. Planning before you start can make your hobby more enjoyable in the long run.

If you are very passionate about a particular hobby, consider turning it into a business for yourself. Start small, learning the ins and outs, while keeping a dependable source of income going, then branch out as the business takes hold. If you work hard at it and luck is on your side, you could end up doing what you love, rather than the typical nine to five!

A fun and potentially rewarding hobby to have is poker. Poker is fun because you can play it with your friends, and win a bunch of money at the same time. You can also lose a bit of money, so you’ll want to practice a lot and really know your stuff.

Think about hobbies that can make you actual money! Hobbies don’t need to only burn holes in your pockets. They can actually fill up your coffers as well. You could look into app development, website development, landscaping, gardening, and a lot of other hobbies where you could make a few bucks.

Caving could be a fun hobby if you live in a good area for it. The key to doing this hobby well is preparation combined with knowledge. Finding a guide to take you into the caves is the safe way to explore.

You do not need to restrict yourself to just one hobby. Diversity prevents boredom and promotes self-development. A good way to divide your hobbies up is to break them down on what is best for that time of year.

Are you looking for a hobby to fill your time and want to get fit? Swimming might be an option for you to consider. It may cost a little each month to pay membership fees for the pool, but many people find great joy in swimming laps each day. The health benefits are great and so is the potential of picking up a fun hobby that you enjoy.

There are some hobbies that can cost you little or even nothing. One of the most overlooked hobbies is reading. Pick up a book and allow the stories in it to carry you away. Take out books from the library and it will not cost you a single red penny to keep up with this hobby.

If you are looking to find a new hobby, visit your local hobby or arts and crafts sores. They will have a huge selection of materials for hobbies, along with the finished creations from people who excel in that hobby. many hobby stores also offer free classes to help you get started.

If reading is a passion of yours but have become inundated with too many books, you can think about selling them at a used book store. This gives your home some space and you some credit towards new books. Once you find a genre that you like, reading is a truly relaxing hobby.

Finding a hobby is not that easy for a lot of people. Many people never know where to begin when it comes to hobbies. Thankfully, the above article gave great ideas on where to find that special hobby. Better yet, pass along these tips to your family members so they too can partake in these great hobbies.

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